LIFT-U® has been providing reliable wheelchair lifts and ramps since 1978. For the past 30 years, LIFT-U® has been the leading wheelchair lift and ramp manufacturer in the United States and Canada for the bus transit industry. With over 50,000 units manufactured and in use, our products have established a reputation of being the most reliable, sought-after, leading-edge technology in the industry.

Lift-U | “Dual-Mode” Model Ramp (LU18)“Dual-Mode” Model Ramp (LU18)

The Model LU18 offers a a two-position interior floor, that when deployed to most curbs maintains a level entrance into the bus; and when deployed to street level a portion of the interior floor automatically lowers on an incline to offer a 1:6 slope for easier passenger boarding.

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FoldLift-U | FOLD-OUT PLUS RAMP (LU11)-Out Plus Ramp (LU11)

The newest generation model LU11 Wheelchair Ramp not only offers a reduced slope of 1:6 but now facilitates an increased load capacity of 1000 pounds. All major ramp components including the ramp plate are manufactured out of stainless steel for corrosion resistance. Aluminum is not used to avoid galvanic corrosion. The LU11 has completed a 2,000-hour salt spray test, after which the ramp operated without the need of repair or lubrication.

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Lift-U | RISING FLOOR RAMP (LU6)Rising Floor Ramp (LU6)

The model LU6 Wheelchair Ramp is a fold-out style ramp that features a Rising Floor. When the ramp is rotated to the ramp position, the “Rising Floor” is elevated to vehicle floor level and provides a smooth transition from the rising floor to the vehicle floor, eliminating the objectionable pocket edge. When stowed the floor surface of the fold-out ramp is flush with the vehicle floor.

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Lift-U | SLIDE-OUT RAMP (LU5)Slide-Out Ramp (LU5)

The model LU5 Wheelchair Ramp assembly is a self contained modular unit. The LU5 Ramp assembly is mounted beneath the vehicle floor at the vehicle’s entryway, concealed from view until ramp is electronically deployed. During deployment, the ramp slides out horizontally and actuates to a formed ramp between curb and bus entrance.

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Lift-U | SOLID PLATFORM LIFT (LU10)Solid Platform Lift (LU10)

The model LU10 Wheelchair Lift is our SOLID PLATFORM on-board lift. The lift is mounted in the stairwell area beneath and parallel to the vehicle floor at bottom step elevation. When not in use, the stowed lift serves as the bottom step of the vehicle, allowing the intermediate step(s) to remain permanently fixed. When in use the lift platform extends horizontally outward and raises or lowers between ground level and vehicle floor level. The LU10 is hydraulically powered and electronically controlled.

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Lift-U | STEP/PLATFORM LIFT (LU12)Step/Platform Lift (LU12)

The model LU12 Wheelchair Lift, is our STEP / PLATFORM on-board lift. The lift can be mounted either at the front or rear door entrance. While in the stowed position, the wheelchair lift becomes the steps of the bus. When deployed, the lift extends horizontally with the steps forming the platform and lowers to ground level, or raises to bus floor level. The LU12 is hydraulically powered and electronically controlled.

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