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Ramp Remanufacturing Program

Is it time to consider the MDBF (Mean Distance Between Failure) of your wheelchair ramp program? Mid Life Remanufacturing can reduce overall maintenance cost, increase reliability, and extend the life of your equipment. A look now could save paying more later.

LIFT-U’s® offers a Mid Life Remanufacturing program that can supplement your preventive maintenance program and extend the life of your equipment. Work is performed at our Production Facility following the same quality assurance program as new equipment. Matter of fact, each re-manufactured ramp assembly comes with a one-year “New Ramp” Warranty same as our new equipment. Optional Extended Limited Warranty is also offered.

The process includes transportation to and from your facility, disassembly, part inspection, new powder coating, final assembly and testing. All wear items will be replaced 100 percent. Parts that meet factory specifications will be re-coated and reused. Parts that do not meet factory specifications will be replaced at no additional charge. Depending on your Lift Model all applicable upgrades and enhancements are included in the remanufactured price.

Program Outline

Remanufacture Customer supplied wheelchair ramp assemblies back to the original factory specifications by factory trained personnel. Depending on the original date of manufacturer, all factory upgrades will be included. Unit prices quoted include all freight charges to and from your facility to the LIFT-U® Factory.

Scope of Work Performed

LIFT-U® will perform the following to each Ramp Assembly; clean, disassemble, inspect parts, blast, re-powder coat, assemble and test per factory specification. All wear items will be 100 percent replaced. Parts that meet factory specifications will be cleaned, re-coated and re-used. Parts that do not meet factory specifications will be replaced at no additional charge.

100% Replacement Parts

Sliding Fold-Out Upgrade Kit consisting of

Belt, Collar and Slide Bearings
Enclosure Weldments
Wire Rope Guard
Latch Brackets
Ramp Lever Arm Bearings
Rail Slide Bearings
Rubber Bumpers
Retainer Clip
Belt Clamp

Fold-Out Ramp Upgrade Kit consisting of

Chain Stand
Sleeve Bearings
All Safety Walk
Wheel Assemblies
Torsion Bar Assembly
Latch Assembly
Tread Nosing
Torsion Lever
Torsion Lever Bearings


All assemblies sent to Factory must be palletized. When notified, Lift-U® will arrange for transportation to and from your facility. Turnaround time including transportation will be approximately 6 weeks from the date of shipment.


Each assembly comes with a “New Ramp Warranty” for one-year after date of shipment. All parts whether new or used on your remanufactured assembly will be covered under this warranty.

Optional Extended Warranty

An optional extended warranty will be offered and can be purchased prior to the start of the project at an additional cost. Contact LIFT-U® for more information.

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Aftermarket Spare Parts

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