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Model LU10

The Lift-U® model LU10 Wheelchair Lift is our SOLID PLATFORM onboard lift. The lift is mounted in the stairwell area beneath and parallel to the vehicle floor at bottom step elevation. When not in use, the stowed lift serves as the bottom step of the vehicle, allowing the intermediate step(s) to remain permanently fixed. When in use the lift platform extends horizontally outward and raises or lowers between ground level and vehicle floor level.


  • 600 pound load capacity
  • Platform Dimensions
    • 32″ Wide at Platform Surface
    • 53″ – 55″ Length between Safety Barriers

Solid Platform Lift - Model LU10
Solid Platform Lift – Model LU10


  • Lift meets 1800 pound proof load and 2400 pound static ultimate load test requirements
  • Handrails are capable of withstanding 250 pounds of force in any direction
  • Interlocked inboard and outboard barriers
  • Threshold warning sensor included Tall rugged Outboard Barrier automatically forms when lift platform is off the ground and meets 1600 pound force requirement
  • Sturdy Inboard Barrier – Automatically forms barrier when lift is deployed and/or before lift platform leaves vehicle floor; Bridge at vehicle floor level
  • Steel components electro-statically powder coated or plated to resist corrosion Hydraulically powered – Electronically controlled
  • Lift control logic will not allow unintentional improper lift sequencing Pressure Sensitive Mats – Will not allow lift to retract when platform is occupied
  • Pressure Sensitive Edges – Will stop and reverse lift travel to prevent pinching from side arms during operation
  • Stainless Steel options available Manual hand pump for emergency back-up operation


  • Electric driven hydraulic pump – 12 or 24v DC


  • FMVSS 403 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 49 CFR 571.403
  • ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act
  • CHP – California Highway Patrol Title 13, California Code of Regulations (13 CCR) – California Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 34501.1
  • FTA – Federal Transit Administration Guidelines (DOT-T-93-03)

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