EVPL – NYC Subway Wheelchair Lift

EVPL - NYC Subway Lift Lift-U® is proud to announce the now, fully operational EVPL Model wheelchair lift in the New York City Subway. This marks the first time that a wheelchair lift has been used in the NYC Subway System. Design limitations prohibited the use of an elevator in this application. Lift-U was brought into the project by Handi-Lift to provide a heavy-duty lift system that will stand up to the 24-hour a day usage that is synonymous with NYC Subway System traffic. For more information on the project, visit Handi-Lift.

Enforcing the ADA

A Status Report from the Department of Justice

This Status Report covers the ADA activities of the Department of Justice during the third quarter (July – September) of 2010. This report, previous status reports, and a wide range of other ADA information, including the consent decrees and formal settlement agreements mentioned in this report, are available through the Department’s ADA Home Page at www.ada.gov.