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LIFT-U® Vertical Platform Lift Product Design Files

As architects, engineers, and contractors have adopted to 3D CAD platforms where advanced visualization, simulation, and analysis software tools have become commonly used, LIFT-U® has responded by providing high-quality digital models and related files for our Commercial Wheelchair Vertical Platform Lifts.

With an outline drawing of your preliminary application, LIFT-U® will incorporate our machine requirements into your project outline and offer cost saving features if applicable. Once LIFT-U® completes a preliminary configuration drawing, we can offer BUDGET PRICING for your site-specific application. Lift-U® offers this service FREE OF CHARGE. To learn more, contact LIFT-U® today.

Lift-U® Architectural Design & Support

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AIA Courses

AIA Courses Available

Here at LIFT-U® we offer AIA Courses and CEU Exams for AIA Continuing Education credits. Each course counts as 1.0 AIA (HSW) Credit. This is a free service provided by LIFT-U®. Reference LIFT-U® AIA Courses. We will be adding courses as they become available.

We have put together a page of applicable Codes & Standards that pertain to Vertical Platform Lifts. It’s often easy to become disoriented with the various codes and standards that pertain to public safety, construction, and design of Vertical Platform Lifts. We hope you’ll find this page useful.