Ramp Conversion Kits 1:4 to 1:6 Slope

LIFT-U® offers conversion kits to replace your existing front door 1:4 slope ramp with our LU11 1:6 slope ramp. Whether you are replacing a LIFT-U®, Orion, New Flyer, or Ricon® 1:4 slope ramp LIFT-U® has a kit available. Each kit includes all the necessary parts (structural, electrical and hardware) and step-by-step installation instructions. Installation time may vary depending on the Bus Model, but allow anywhere from 2-3 days to complete an installation. Onsite LIFT-U® technical support can be made available during your installation – Price may vary depending on the project location. Telephone support is available at no extra charge.

Please note that our conversion kits do not include a new LU11 “Fold Out Plus” 1:6 ramp unit. The ramp must be purchased separately.

Benefits include, 1:6 ramp slope, all electric drive system – no hydraulics required, stainless steel construction, 950 lb rated load capacity to name a few… Visit our LU11 Product Page for more information.

Gillig 1:4 Ramp Conversion Kits – LU5 Slide Out, LU6 Fold Out, or Ricon FoldOver® – Please contact your local Gillig Representative for pricing.

Orion 1:4 Ramp Conversion Kit – Contact LIFT-U® direct.

New Flyer 1:4 Ramp Conversion Kits – New Flyer Flip Out or Ricon FoldOver® – Contact LIFT-U® direct

Ricon 1:4 Ramp Conversion Kit – Contact LIFT-U® direct.

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