Lift-U Model VMH AccesStair

Model VMH

  • Meets the requirements of the 2010 ADA Standard
  • Complies with ASME A18.1 Safety Standard for Platform Lifts
  • School Auditoriums
  • Performing Arts Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels & Casinos
  • Government Facilities
  • Night Clubs & Restaurants
  • Universities
  • Worship Centers
  • Commercial & Retail Facilities

With the increasing awareness and emphasis on universal access, school administrators, property managers, worship center officials, business owners and homeowners are recognizing the benefit of accommodating people unable to negotiate stairs.

Until now, accessibility has been provided by installing some type of “add on” product to supplement the existing stairway. This took the form of a ramp, or some form of wheelchair lift: a vertical lift, incline stair lift, etc. In either case additional space was consumed (in the case of ramps) – or the stairway space was reduced (in the case of wheelchair lifts).

Performance areas such as stages in performing arts centers, theaters, schools (K-12 and colleges), worship centers, etc., are a particular concern when it comes to providing wheelchair access. Ramps can be unsightly and lifts can interfere with sight lines. How do you provide “same-path-of-access” while retaining sight lines and aesthetics?

Now there is a truly universal access solution! LIFT-U®’s AccesStair® model VMH is not your traditional platform wheelchair lift — it is a premium solution that offers a unique, patented way to provide vertical access to everyone without consuming additional space, not interfering with sight lines (in the case of providing access to stages) and it fits harmoniously within the overall design. People in wheelchairs, people using walkers, people unable to walk stairs, and people pushing a baby stroller all benefit from having an AccesStair® available.

AccesStair® Operation Presentation

View a video of the AccesStair®


For those unfamiliar with the AccesStair® Vertical Platform Lift, please refer to the following resources underneath VMH Downloads (on the right):

  • Sales Brochure (pdf, 177Kb) – Highlights product features and specifications.
  • Lift Application Guidelines (pdf, 608Kb) – Informative guide to design planning, special provisions, installation considerations, and regulatory compliance responsibilities.
  • Lift Configuration Drawings (under VMH Downloads) – Illustrates AccesStair® installation requirements for various heights. A sample drawing is also included Lift Application Guidelines.
  • California DSA & OSHSB Approved Installations (pdf, 81Kb) – This list consists of the various AccesStair® models that have been approved by California Division of State Architects and the California Occupational Safety & Health Standards Board for projects in California.