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LU0022 Exam


What agency is responsible for 2010 ADA regulation enforcement?


International Code CouncilDepartment of JusticeDepartment of Housing and Urban DevelopmentAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers


What regulation requires stages to be accessible?


International Building CodeASHRAE Standard 90.1-892010 ADA StandardsANSI A117.1


The 2010 ADA Standards require that an accessible route shall directly connect the assembly seating area with the performance area:




The 2010 ADA Standard permits all of these to provide permanent stage access except:


RampsPortable LiftsVertical Platform LiftsConvertible Stairway Lifts


Which of these is NOT a stage access design consideration?


SpaceCostSite PreparationRoof Structure


Which of the following is NOT a feature of Inclined Platform Lifts?


Reduce the width of the stairwayQuietIn Plain SightPlatform Enclosure


The main feature of a ramp is that they:


Have power requirementsAre inexpensive to buildAre space efficientRequire no mechanical maintenance


Which of the following is a feature of vertical platform lifts?


They have moderate power requirementsThey are well knownThey can travel up to 14 feetAll of the Above


Stairway chairlifts can be used where platform lifts are permitted by the ADA Standards.




Which of the following is NOT a feature of convertible stairway lifts?


They can be movedThey are space efficientThey need minimal site preparationThey preserve both aesthetics and space

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