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LU0018 Exam


The 2010 ADA Standards require that all courtrooms:

Have accessible public areasHave adaptable courtroom work stationsProvide 1 accessible wheelchair space for jury & witness standAll of the Above


Options available for providing accessibility to public areas in the courtroom:

Place the station on the courtroom floor levelUse rampsUse platform liftsAll of the Above


Options available for providing adaptability to non-public areas in the courtroom:

RampsPlatform LiftsAdaptability PackageAll of the Above


The ADA Standard states that temporary ramps and lifts are a permitted accessibility option.



The floor space required for a ramp is often not available in small courtrooms.



The magnitude of site preparation needed for an accessibility option is important.



A Convertible Walkway is normally __________, but can be ______ when needed.

vertical, horizontalhorizontal, slopedsloped, stowedhorizontal, vertical


Selection criteria for accessibility options include:

Project FundingInstallation CostsSpace RequirementsAll of the Above


How do courtroom lifts differ from standard vertical platform lifts?

Lower sidewalls (36 in vs 42 in)Platform size larger (25 sq ft vs 18 sq ft)No platform mounted sidewallsAll of the Above


The ADA Standard states that platform lifts shall be permitted to provide an accessible path in the courtroom.


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