Courtroom Wheelchair Lifts are commonly provided with self-closing gates which have always been an acceptable solution. Per the definitions in ASME A18.1, lift gates are to be self-closing. Meaning, a manually operated gate that closes when released by means of a spring hinge or gravity. ADA guidelines recommend wheelchair lifts should be independently operated. Manually operated gates require the user to pull the gate open while backing the wheelchair away at the same time. Lift-U® has solved this problem with the introduction of the new Automatic Door Operator. The Automatic Door Operator opens and closes the door or gate controlled by the Courtroom Lift sequence or with the simple press of a button.

Door operators have been around for a long time. We see them in stores, schools and hospitals. Most conventional door operators are mounted over the header of the door and are not that visible to the user. So what do you do with a courtroom gate which does not have a header or place to mount an opener over the top of the door? Lift-U® has solved this problem by concealing the door operator inside the millwork hinge wall and is controlled by the sequence of the Courtroom Lift system.

View the Door Operator in action: